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Arsenic Trioxide

We are the main supplier of arsenic trioxide

Arsenic Trioxide

Formula: As2O3 Density: 3.74 g/cm³

UN No 1561 Packing group II Hazard class 6.1
EMS Number: F-A/S-A
IMDG Code 6029 CAS:1327-53-3 HS 2811290010
Appearance:White crystal powder (Snow White)
Spec: As2O3:98%, 99%, 99.5% 99.9%min Moisture:0.5%max Fe:0.08%max


Packing:in iron drums of 50, 100, 200 or 250kgs net

Weight Drum Size G.W.
50kgs 310X385mm 52.6kg
100kgs 420X470mm 106kg
200kgs 450x770mm 209kg
250kgs 480x870mm 262kg

Monthly Output:200MT
Usage: In glass, CCA, wood preservation:Grade: 98%, 99%
In pesticide:Grade 99%
In Medicine:Grade 99.9%

Arsenic Trioxide MSDS